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Dried Spider is a winding, grooving, brooding amalgamation of psychedelic soul, art rock, bent jazz, and lyricism made for the people. Dried Spider sings of nature, nurture, and strange connections amongst unexpected grooves, addictive guitar lines, and 3 part vocal harmonies. The songs of bandleader Matty Witney are a product of the environments they are born in, from the spacious landscapes of his homeland Australia to, most recently, the socially complex bustle of current Chicago and the U.S.

The trajectory of Dried Spider has taken a detour in the last 3 years when project leader, Matty Witney relocated to the US to marry his long time partner. Over the course of settling into his new hometown of Chicago, Matty immersed himself in the cities rich jazz and improv scene, taking a break from the bandleader path to freshen his musical palette. Upon connecting with the right people, Dried Spider found its U.S. formation with a lineup. With the family band unit complete, the band have set about recording the projects 1st release since the ‘Wounded City’ EP with an album due for launch in fall of 2019 and US tour to follow.  


Fully downloadable press kit available at

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